Why am I starting a blog?

I want to make time for things I used to do.

I used to write… When I was young I used to write stories all the time. I had ideas for entire books but would usually end up only writing a few chapters and then moving on to my next idea. Later, I created a quite extensive comic series and zines for my friends. In college I took a creative writing class that revived my joy of writing and I promised myself I would keep at it...but I didn't. Now I plan on writing at least once a week for this blog.


I used to have a Youtube channel... When I discovered the magic of Youtube I decided to make a nail art tutorial channel. I already loved painting and photography so I figured it couldn't be that hard to record myself painting my nails. I still find some of the videos to be quite embarrassing and cringe-worthy, but I'm still proud of some of the designs I came up with. You can still watch them all here. I thoroughly enjoyed making these videos but once I started college for graphic design, I just didn't have time. Now I'm going to post nail art tutorials on this blog very soon.

I used to do photography... I've always known I would have a creative job - I didn't know how to be anything else. Before I wanted to be an artist or graphic designer I wanted to be a photographer. I even entered a few competitions and was awarded a ribbon or two. Once I took a digital art class in high school, everything shifted and I left my camera behind. I am now dating a photographer (check out his photos here) and wherever we go - he brings his camera. I almost always end up stealing it for a few shots - and now I'll be sharing my photos on this blog.


I used to have a fashion blog... Along with photography and nail art, I was really into clothes and had a fashion blog on lookbook.nu with over 15,000 fans. (I still have no idea how that happened.) You can still find all of my old outfits here. But like nail art, I started college and didn't have time anymore. Now I'm going to post an outfit biweekly on this blog.

I want to learn new things.

I love to cook and bake but I want to try new and more interesting recipes. I’ve screen-printed a few things but I want to become an expert. I can sew back on a stray button in a pinch but I want to learn to really sew and embroider things. Can I make the spine candles in Lupin’s office from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? Can I make my own bath bombs? Custom cat toys? This blog will not only be me showing off what I can do - but a record of me trying out new things.


I want to share.

Sacramento is a short drive to so many amazing places. I want to share when I go hiking in the Muir Woods or Yosemite. I want to share magical photos from my trips to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. I want to share when I go on day trips to San Francisco or even an amazing day I had right here in Sacramento. This blog will not only be about baking, crafting, and creating but also about my life. It will be something that I can look back at to remember this time in my life. Maybe a few people read it, maybe nobody does. It’s ultimately a creative challenge for myself.